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H.Louise Ashley

Founder and Designer

 Natural Earth Eco Clothing ​ ​

I love the journey of creating clothes.

Firstly seeing the idea in my mind and choosing fabrics,

gradually watching the process develop into a ready to wear piece of clothing !

                                                    H.Louise Ashley

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I am fortunate to be able to work with some very talented people who have helped me to create Natural Earth's Eco Clothing's range the -


'Heather & Jasmine' Collection".


People in our team such as our skilled pattern technician, who always brings my ideas to life with precision and flair.

About H.Louise Ashley

I worked and trained as a lingerie designer for large department stores.

More recently I have set up Natural Earth Eco Clothing with the aim to provide and establish a small cottage style, eco clothing range.

All the clothes are designed & Made in Britain & workers are paid fairly.

I wanted to help to give business to small skilled makers as well as using fabrics that are kinder to the environment.

We hope you enjoy our collection -  you can feel good about the ethics behind the clothes we make and you wear.


Some of my other interests -

Concept designer for

I have a new hobby - making songs -LOUE is the new name for my music -on Bandcamp.

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Our mission for Natural Earth Eco Clothing is to develop beautiful clothing, firmly aligned with consideration for the environment, fair pay and ethical work conditions.

For the clothes we love to make.

Clothes play a big part in our lives -  they bring us great joy,they are a way in which we express our personality, individuality and style.

We aim to bring you considerate purchasing choices without missing out on design and style.

We hope you enjoy wearing these clothes as much as we have enjoyed designing

and bringing them to you.


What is eco clothing?

Our Eco Clothes are -


  • Clothing that doesn't put profit before people or the environment. 

  • Clothing that helps to support a wellbeing economy. People-Environment-Profit- Sharing.  (Not just profit profit profit first.)

  • Made using natural materials like hemp, linen and cotton which are grown without the use of pesticides. 

  • Clothes that are made without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

  • Clothes that are made under safe and fair conditions where workers are treated fairly and paid a reasonable price for their work.

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Why choose eco clothing?

  • The world textile industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, so we are trying to do our little bit to change that.

  • Regular cotton is the most consumed fibres in the world. It is also the 'dirtiest' crop in the world, as its agricultural production releases vast amounts of hazardous insecticides and pesticides into the environment.

  • Millions of agricultural workers worldwide suffer from acute pesticide poisoning and often don't wear suitable protective clothing.

  • Symptoms include: headaches, vomiting, lack of coordination, difficulty breathing, impaired memory, birth defects, seizures and death.The air they breathe, the water they drink and their environment can become contaminated as well as rivers and streams leading into the seas, going into all our food chains. Residues can also be found on the garments we wear and can go into our skin.

  • Many synthetic fibres are creating problems within the environment and seas that can end up in our food chain.



  • We use no synthethic fabrics so no micro fibres end up in our environment or seas.


What eco clothing means to us?

About our photographers.

Miranda Warburton.

Miranda has worked internationally for magazines, fashion houses,film companies,advertising agencies and the music and beauty

industries as a stylist, art director and photgrapher.She lives with her family in an off grid homestead made from up cycled materials.

She and her family run Off Grid Arts.

Isabelle Luscombe.

Fashion & Editorial Photographer.

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